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Why use a professional wedding photographer?

I know there are many people who have different ideas of the photographer they want to film their wedding day. Not everyone looking for a professional photographer for their wedding. It is your choice whether you want to use a friend and whether you are looking for a professional photographer to take your wedding photos.

A very important thing to remember is that a camera does not make the photographer, but professional camera equipment in the hands of a professional photographer can work wonders. It's also true that a person who does not have the experience and knowledge can create a big mess of your wedding photos when using professional equipment. They can rather shoot with an ordinary compact camera.
using a professional wedding photographerIf you decide to use a friend or a not professional photographer for your wedding, then you carry the risk for your wedding day photos. This is not your friend or amateur photographer's fault that the pictures might not meet your expectations. He or she works within his ability and experience. Many people have a passion for photography, but not all are photographers. Most of the time the friend or amateur photographer has a daily job with a secure monthly income and your wedding is an extra income. The person can afford to make mistakes at your wedding because he gets his monthly income from his normal work. A bad name after the wedding will not harm his normal income.

If you do decide to use a professional photographer for your wedding then he or she carries the risk for your wedding day photos. Photography is the professional photographer's main source of income and he or she cannot afford to mess-up on your wedding day. One wrong wedding can harm his career as a photographer.

Whichever one you choose to take your wedding pictures is a personal choice that only you can make. I had someone in my office yesterday who asked a friend to take their wedding pictures for them and the photos are a total mess. They want me to re captured the couple photos from the wedding. Their wedding is now much more expensive, because they decided on the cheap photographer and now they pay a high price. Your wedding photos are the beginning of your family album. You can choose the quality and standard you want to start.

I would like to add a technical rider that couples can look through when they are on the lookout for their professional wedding photographer. Here are a few tips:

  1. Does the person behave professionally, and does he or she listens to your suggestions.
  2. Are they late for their appointment with you? If they can't do morning appointments then he or she probably has a day job.
  3. Get a list of the equipment he used before the meeting. Read up a little about it. Is it professional lenses?
  4. Is the camera body that he used a professional one? Most professional camera bodies are full frame and are excellent in low light conditions. On Google you can get all the information. You can also visit a professional camera store like ORMS and ask about the equipment.
  5. Does he have an extra camera body if something goes wrong with the main camera?
  6. Check out his photography work and especially when photos taken in the same light conditions like that you plan for your wedding day. Most weddings are in the afternoon and not all camera bodies perform well in low light.
  7. Book the photographer maybe for a half hour photo session at a place with the same lighting and time of day that the wedding will be. Judging the photos before you book the photographer.
  8. Is the photographer a people's person? It's very important because he or she must work with maybe 100 people at your wedding.
  9. Does the photographer have a professional website? Facebook, Wix or any other free website space does not count on their own.
  10. Ask to see complete wedding photos from beginning to end. And feel free to ask for references from previous weddings and contact them.
  11. Professional photographers show no shadows on the wall behind the person created by a flash or light source. It's horrible to see pictures with hard shadow edges!
  12. Does the photographer have liability insurance? You can only have this with business insurance.

In today's life, not all people have a big budget for weddings. Make a wise decision, before it cost you more.